setec als is spearheading setec group’s work in building information modeling (BIM) for linear infrastructures. Drawing on the expertise of specialized engineers who have been working on BIM since 2015, we offer our clients technical solutions that are both realistic and innovative:

  • Realistic, since the use of BIM is less mature in infrastructure than construction and it is our duty to provide sound advice to our clients,
  • Innovative, since we always aim to make the most of the tools we use, designing and integrating new features as necessary to ensure they meet clients’ needs (see Development).

We apply the BIM approach to our projects in all areas: viaducts and bridges, roads, facilities, etc. Our modeling processes are now fully 3D rather that reconstituted from 2D data. In this way, our entire decision-making and production chain is involved in BIM. For us, a digital model of assembled elementary components has become a critical way to communicate in project meetings and discussions with our clients and partners.
Our aim of promoting progress on BIM issues in our industry is demonstrated in setec als’s active involvement in the MINnD project, as well as the contribution of setec group as a whole. (See MINnD.) We also share feedback at numerous forums and seminars.
Looking to the future, we are working with our historical clients to use the data from BIM models throughout the life of structures. Our aim is to make BIM for infrastructure and operations a reality.