The Project 

Raymond Barre Bridge carries the T1 tramway extension across the Rhône River between Musée des Confluences and Parc des Berges. An arched structure with a 262 m long deck, including 150 m under the arch, this bridge crosses the Rhône at an angle with its two lateral spans arranged in a curve and a counter-curve.
This essentially metal structure is composed of two arches sloping outwards at a 10° angle, with the two lines of the T1 tramway passing through the middle. These two arches are linked at the deck by two longitudinal box girders, while crosswise, the girders are linked by crossbeams curving outward on the downstream side. Alongside one of the arches, separated from the tramway lines, are lanes for cyclists and pedestrians, along with viewing points.
This is an architectural landmark for Lyon, providing tram users with a fresh view of the Rhône River while enabling inhabitants and tourists to walk from the Gerland district to the peninsula, discovering the confluence of the Saône and the Rhône Rivers from a sleek new vantage point.



Project owner

2010 – 2014

Numerous constraints relating to the adjacent projects and the tramway led to the curved design of this structurally complex bridge. The central under-arch section is tangent but with asymmetrical loads linked to the mixed-traffic corbelled section. The highly curved river spans add to the asymmetrical loads of this central section. A comprehensive model using Pythagore software, based on crossbars and concrete slabs offered the best static and dynamic performance for the bridge.

The Assignment

A consortium made up of setec tpi, setec als and A. Spielmann won the design and construction supervision contract for the bridge and its surroundings.