The Project 

The project involves upgrading the RD3508, which is currently a two-way, two-lane main road, into a 2×2 lane infrastructure across a length of approximately 2.3 km between the Gillon slip road in the southwest and the hospital slip road in the northeast.
Mid-way along this section, a figure-eight interchange provides access to the RD908b towards Epagny Metz-Tessy in the north and Annecy Mont-Blanc airport in the south.


Project owner
Département de la Haute-Savoie

2015 – 2021

Key figures
Doubling of an existing main road across a 2.3 km stretch
160 m viaduct

The project is located in the fast-growing suburbs west of Annecy, requiring consultation with the local community and developers, and consideration of major traffic and scheduling constraints.

The Assignment

The project owner has awarded setec a design and construction supervision assignment, along with additional tasks on environmental procedures (water legislation documents, declaration of public utility, derogation from protected species regulation, etc.).