The Project 

The redevelopment of the A36 – RN1019 interchange at Sevenans is aimed at improving traffic flows between the A36 motorway and the RN1019 main road. It is situated in the Territoire-de-Belfort department of eastern France and involves:

  • Upgrading the RN1019 to 2×2 lanes along a 3.6 km stretch, including an 0.85 km new section
  • Creating a new double-trumpet interchange between the A36 and the RN1019, including a link road approximately 1 km long with 2 single lanes and weave lanes
  • Modifying the layout of the RN1019 between the link road to the RN1019 and the RD437
  • Redeveloping the interchange between the RN1019 and the RD437 to avoid left-turns, and linking it to the RN1019, requiring new weave lanes to the RD25 interchange.

Main features :

  • Excavated material: 535,000 m3 including 177,000 m3 of stone
  • Backfill: 586,000 m3
  • Landscaping, walls and deposits: 183,000 m3
  • Carriageway: 160,000 m²
  • 8 new structures: 9,500 m²
  • 4 existing structures to enlarge or upgrade
  • 3 existing structures to demolish


Project owner
APRR – Autoroute Paris Rhin Rhône


The building information modeling (BIM) approach initiated in the design phase will be pursued in the construction phase. The final model and its data will be provided to the owner, to offer detailed knowledge of the structure and facilitate maintenance.

The Assignment

APRR assigned setec to handle design and construction supervision, as well as contractor assistance:


  • Data collection (traffic, fauna and flora, noise, etc.)
  • Feasibility studies: initial planning application and signaling blueprint
  • Procedural documents
  • Preliminary design
  • Detailed design
  • Assistance for awarding works contracts


  • Design verification
  • Works supervision
  • Assistance for work acceptance

Contractor assistance:

  • Assistance with land transactions
  • Assistance with financial management
  • Administrative documents and communication

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